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The Heart Cockle is a visualization tool that enables you to focus on your heart’s desires.  It serves as a tool reminding you to calm your mind, relax your body and think about what you want to happen in your life.  As it sits on your night stand it reminds you to take a few moments each day to visualize what you want out of life and in doing so aids in keeping your thoughts on your goals.  It helps to stop the negative mind chatter that so often gets in the way of achieving one’s goals.

The "Heart Cockle" is a very unique shell. Known by its Latin name: Cardium Cardissa, Cockles live on open sandy areas of the intertidal zone found from the shores of Japan and the Bering Sea south to Southern California. The intertidal zone is where air, earth, and land interact.

Our Heart Cockles are easy to order. First, choose your Heart Cockle category and go with the pre-determined Heart Cockle color featured for that category, or pick one of our additional colors from the drop down “color” menu. Each Heart Cockle will be delivered to your doorstep nestled in a white quilted box that is carefully placed in an organza bag. Choose your bag from the “bag color” drop down menu. A special scroll, determined by your Heart Cockle category, will be included explaining how the Heart Cockle will assist you in achieving your heart’s desires.

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We have the strength to move mountains, we have the intelligence to learn and grow, and we have the power to adapt! That’s what puts us on top of the food chain. We can reason, strategize and create. C’mon people use your God-given birthright and create your future! You have the power, it is a Universal Law. It always works and it works for everyone. Learn how to use the Universal Law of Attraction to visualize the future you want, feel that it has already happened, experience your joy, and be thankful for all your blessings. You were born to succeed! Click here to read my Blog

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I was very impressed with the quality of the Heart Cockle and its quick delivery.  My friends love receiving them and I love giving them.  They make the perfect “feel good” gift. Thank you!
~ Rachel Bowen
My sister was constantly mistaking Mr. Extremely Wrong for Mr. Right.  I sent her a Love Cockle to help her realize how special she is and that she deserved someone just as special.  While her recent relationship is still new, I’ve never seen her happier or treated better.  Thank You.
~ Jessica Dalessio
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